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Miss Kearns contestants learn value of self belief

Wednesday, February 27, 20131681 views

The Miss Kearns Pageant will crown its royalty on March 8; however, contestants will walk away with tools for success that a crown can’t provide. As part of the Miss Kearns Pageant, the journey begins with motivational workshops to build self-esteem and positivity.

“Miss Kearns is not your typical pageant; it’s more about these girls understanding who they are and how they can be the best they can be,” said Paula Larsen, Miss Kearns Pageant owner and director.

The workshops were presented by long-time Kearns resident Myra Heaton. At her first workshop, she personally presented each girl with a skeleton key necklace on a purple ribbon, the color of royalty. This special skeleton key was a symbol of positive thinking. Heaton said this is a symbol to remind them they hold the key to unlock any door they choose when they exercise positive thinking.

“It’s the greatest key you can ever have,” Heaton explained to the girls. “You will solve problems if you are positive, even when it seems nothing is going right in your life.”

Heaton also referred to all the pageant volunteers as the Miss Kearns pit crew. Just like on a speedway, the pit crew is on the sidelines with the tools to help them cross the finish line. But before these girls got into the driver’s seat, Heaton taught them about powerful verbs to help them with their journey. “Observe” was the first verb, to help them remember to pay attention by remembering the key around their neck and to help them stay positive. The second verb was to “decide.” She encouraged the girls to look within and decide once and for all what they stood for.

“If you don’t know what you stand for, you will fall for anything,” Heaton said.

The final verb was to “distract.” She explained this tool will be used most as they are on display pageant night.

“If you mess up, put a smile on your face and shake it off. The judges will see that you have the ability to pick yourself up and dust off,” Heaton said.

Contestant Aubbrey Seewer stated how she felt empowered after attending the first workshop. She looks forward to wearing the key as a reminder to be positive and happy. Aubbrey selected the subject of depression for her platform after struggling with it herself. She said throughout her life, people have told her she isn’t worth anything. She decided to be a part of Miss Kearns as an expression that she’s stronger than what others tell her.

“No matter what others think, it’s all about what I think of myself,” she said.

Contestant Sierra Velarde left the workshop with the reinforced belief that a person can’t rely on someone or something to make them happy. She is grateful to be a part of a pageant that is focused on developing each girl rather than on outward appearance.

“It’s not about the glam and glitter,” Sierra said. “The focus is on bettering ourselves.”

The Miss Kearns Pageant will be held March 8 at 7 p.m. at Kearns High School auditorium. Tickets are $5, children ages 4 and under are free.

The following girls are participating in this years Miss Kearns Pageant: Aubryna Allan, Mckayla Carroll, Ashlee Haddenham, Brandy Hatch, Lacey Keith, Brittnee Rasmussen, Odile Romero, Aubbrey Seewer, Alexus Spears, Emily Startup, Mikayla Thurber, Sierra Velarde and Charity Wardle.

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